Social and sport facilities available to our guests are as follows:


      Sports hall adapted for all ball games, ideal conditions for aerobic incl. additional equipment, complete equipment for gymnastics, tennis, PE equipment, table tennis in the anteroom and sound equipment of course. A very nice and well-equipped fitness-centre under professional supervision, a sauna incl. additional equipment. An extensive lawn and well maintained stadium area particularly attracts football enthusiasts, football ground, sound equipment for the entire stadium, outdoor table tennis. Tennis courts with a acrylate and clay surface, exercise wall, basketball, football-tennis, handball etc. Climbing wall. An extra attraction is of both beaches is the boat-yard used as one of the game, sports, equipment and boat hire facility (punts, all types of canoes, rubber dinghies, rafts), surfing equipment. Bikes all types of bikes incl. children's, assembly of children's seats, attachable wheels, many different and untraditional games, balls of all types, tennis and table tennis rackets, etc.


Sports hall, small hall aerobics


  • Hall (in daylight)
300,- Kč / for 1 an hour.
  • Hall (with lights)
500,- Kč / for 1 an hour.
  • audioengineering
50,- Kč / for 1 an hour.
  • small hall of aerobics   
120,- Kč/ 1 hod / for 1 an hour.   



Fitness centre and table tennis in the hall as well as a sauna, solarium and massages

body-building room
80,- Kč/1,5 hodiny /1,5 hour /  for persons
- sauna including pool and lounge 1 hour
- sheet or large towel již není v nabídce
Sports hall outside
Sports hall interior

Football ground, stadium, with full sound equipment


Playground for children up to 6 years
Playground for children up to 6 years

Hire facility of bikes, boats, a climbing wall, surfing equipment


View of the hire facility
Hire facility of boats
Hire facility of boats
Climbing wall

Beach volleyball - 2 profile playing-field




  • Beach volleyball (2 profile playing-field) for persons - 150,- Kč/ 1 hod/1 kurt for 1 an hour.

Courts with acrylic surfaces


  • You can play tennis, volleyball and football
  • Court 60,- Kč / 1 hour

Clay court for tennis


Clay tennis
,- Kč court /1 hours